How Being Mindful Helps You Accelerate Success

July 28, 2017

Most of us have a very busy schedule and we spend most of our day thinking and doing.  Our busy minds create stress for the body and the brain because we don’t take breaks to rest, assess and refocus. Instead, we keep going until we are exhausted and we use stimulants like coffee and sugar to keep us going past our body’s limits. Using our mind at the expense of our body, weakens our performance, drains our energy, lowers our patience and increases frustration. We may think we are being productive and getting things done, but at this rate, success comes at a high price.

Mindfulness accelerates success because it gives you more energy and helps you make better decisions. Mindfulness helps you sustain your energy so you get things done without taxing the body because you are taking breaks and resting the mind and the body throughout the day. When you slow down to be mindful and assess what is going on; and examine how you are feeling; and then choose how to respond; then you can focus your mind and make better decisions. 

Mindfulness accelerates success because it increases self-awareness which leads to self-mastery. You can only change what you are aware of and mindfulness puts you in the observer seat to pay attention and catch details and choose how to respond. Your success accelerates with a mindfulness practice because your communications improve, your wisdom flows, and your mind is relaxed to think of new ideas and solutions to your problems. 

Everything flows and gets easier with a daily habit of mindfulness and you can condition your brain to do it with daily practice, and in small increments. Start with being mindful of how you are feeling physically and emotionally first thing in the morning when you wake up. Then check in throughout the day- just for a few minutes each hour of the day. If you did this, then you will have at least 10-12 opportunities to be aware and make better choices that will increase your success.

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