Mindfulness Coaching and Brain Training for Success

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Are you having trouble quieting your mind and focusing? Are you stressing yourself out with constant thinking? If so, then maybe your brain is operating without discipline and supervision! 

Are you someone who is always busy, constantly hurrying and worrying and losing sleep from too much stress and overthinking? Most of us are not taught how to keep our brain healthy and our mind peaceful.  Instead we grow up letting our mind go wild with constant thinking, and our brains develop the bad habit of focusing on the thoughts that create a lot of fear, anxiety and sleepless nightsThe price of having an undisciplined mind is constant worry, overthinking, overwhelm, and losing out on many opportunities because we are not proactive and decisive. When you learn to focus your mind and choose how you want to respond, you automatically train your brain to support you. It’s simple, but not easy to do alone. TLC Mindfulness Mentor can coach and train you to overcome years of bad thinking habits. Are you ready to pay attention, focus your mind and train your brain to work for you, instead of against you?  

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End the stress of constant worry and over-thinking. Stop the sleepless nights, confusion, overwhelm, and exhaustion. Learn to master your mind and train your brain to focus and relax on command. 

The payoff of being busy and thinking all the time is burnout. The payoff of being mindful is optimum performance and well-being. It is not easy to break old habits and reprogram our brain. It helps to have a professional to listen and help us reflect on why we do what we do and how to change it. That’s the benefit of having a coach. However, when you want to change something quickly, it helps to have a trainer create a program that gives you results as soon as possible. At TLC Mindfulness Mentor, you can have both, a coach and a trainer. In addition to enhancing your mindfulness and mastery of your brain, you will experience a lot of TLC:  

  • TRUTH about what is going on for you and why it is happening.  
  • LOVE where you are at and where you are headed.  
  • COURAGE to trust your gut, speak your truth, declare what you desire, and be free of judgements, comparisons, and criticisms.  

The Services include coaching and training packages that are designed to provide quick results based on years of client testing.  

Client Reviews

When I call Tracey I usually have doubts or lack a plan to approach my problems. After I talk with Tracey for just 15 minutes, she is amazing…

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Virginia Berman

“Tracey’s coaching has been instrumental in helping me regain my sense of self, confidence, and joy. When my world turned upside down…”

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Christine Martell

Assoc. Professor UC Denver, CO

“Having you as a resource benefits me in two major ways: It improves my open mindedness and gives me the confidence…”

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Nathaniel Klugman

Land Planner & Musician, Austin Texas

“In the first ELPN Leadership Training we used the Personality Color Indicator…”

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Nesreen Kawar

Nesreen Kawar, Project Developer, Oakland, CA

“I have worked with Tracey for 8 years and she has helped me immensely. The value of her coaching is deep but relatively simple, she has helped me a significantly better leader.”

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Scott Clark

CEO TTLC Denver, Colorado

“I have worked with Tracey for several years. We have a great sharing of energy in how we accomplish work in my life…”

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Joe Fraser

Capital Relations TTLC , San Ramon, CA

“If you are part of a corporation that is interested in making a shift towards more collaboration and having a work environment…”

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Stacey Winn

Communications Consultant, Berkeley, California

“Thank you for your time and personal touch.  I have benefited greatly…”

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Leah Beniston

Dir. of Entitlements, San Ramon, CA

“Tracey is my guardian angel is how I will have categorized my time with her. Without getting into great details…”

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Don Kirby

Business Dev. Exec., Chicago, IL

“Words cannot express how grateful I am for you.  Working with you changed my life and I can honestly say…”

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Deana Keck

Exec. VP of C.D. & Sales, Pine Canyon, AZ

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