Personality and Decision Making Assessment and Training

I am a certified trainer of the Ritberger Method which uses the Personality Color Indicator (PCI™) as a self-assessment tool that reveals how your brain is hardwired to process information to learn and make decisions. Your mind influences everything you experience in your life. The PCI gives you a map of your mind and your innate personality traits, strengths and challenges. This information can be used to enhance communications, strengthen relationships, foster team building, trust, respect and collaboration. In addition, the PCI can be used to understand relationship dynamics and avoid conflict. The individual assessments are conducted by phone and the group trainings are conducted by video conferencing or in person.

In the PCI training sessions you can expect to:

  • Stop being misunderstood and miscommunicating with others.
  • Understand how your brain learns and make decisions.
  • Your innate personality traits and how to maximize your strengths and minimize challenges. 
  • How to communicate effectively with others to foster harmony, trust and respect.
  • How to avoid conflict and maintain clear boundaries with others.
  • Understand how your brain influences your leadership style and how others respond to you.
  • Know what triggers stress for your brain, and manage stress effectively.
  • Maximize your unique problem solving skills and add value to the team dynamics.

Client Reviews

When I call Tracey I usually have doubts or lack a plan to approach my problems. After I talk with Tracey for just 15 minutes, she is amazing…

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Virginia Berman

“Tracey’s coaching has been instrumental in helping me regain my sense of self, confidence, and joy. When my world turned upside down…”

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Christine Martell

Assoc. Professor UC Denver, CO

“Having you as a resource benefits me in two major ways: It improves my open mindedness and gives me the confidence…”

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Nathaniel Klugman

Land Planner & Musician, Austin Texas

“In the first ELPN Leadership Training we used the Personality Color Indicator…”

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Nesreen Kawar

Nesreen Kawar, Project Developer, Oakland, CA

“I have worked with Tracey for 8 years and she has helped me immensely. The value of her coaching is deep but relatively simple, she has helped me a significantly better leader.”

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Scott Clark

CEO TTLC Denver, Colorado

“I have worked with Tracey for several years. We have a great sharing of energy in how we accomplish work in my life…”

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Joe Fraser

Capital Relations TTLC , San Ramon, CA

“If you are part of a corporation that is interested in making a shift towards more collaboration and having a work environment…”

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Stacey Winn

Communications Consultant, Berkeley, California

“Thank you for your time and personal touch.  I have benefited greatly…”

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Leah Beniston

Dir. of Entitlements, San Ramon, CA

“Tracey is my guardian angel is how I will have categorized my time with her. Without getting into great details…”

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Don Kirby

Business Dev. Exec., Chicago, IL

“Words cannot express how grateful I am for you.  Working with you changed my life and I can honestly say…”

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Deana Keck

Exec. VP of C.D. & Sales, Pine Canyon, AZ

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